Edited Film

Mario Ramalho, Susana Henriques, Ana Sofia Lopes, Graça Pires, Susana Teixeira, Portugal

A healthy 33-year-old policeman presented with progressive loss of superior visual field and a macula off inferior retinal detachment with retinal stiffness and multiple demarcation lines as well as a small hole in the inferior temporal retinal periphery could be seen. The patient denied ocular trauma within the last 5 years but he admitted earlier possible ocular trauma during his police academy training. A first 23gauge vitrectomy with a combined encircling silicone band was performed, wit h no complications and an attached retina was achieved. Within 2 weeks after surgery a small macular hole could be observed (after SF6 clearance) and vitrectomy with ILM peeling was performed. After the second vitrectomy surgery, the macular hole remained open and a second hole appeared in the posterior pole, next to a demarcation line. A third surgery consisted in using ILM auto transplantation in the macular hole with the aid of perfluorocarbon liquid finally achieving macular hole closure with a final vision of 20/40. In cases of long-time retinal detachment, the retinal stiffness and fibrosis might trigger secondary formation of macular hole attributable to the inability of retinal stretching.

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