We present 2 cases of myopic macular indentation with different complexity but similar anatomical and functional outcomes: 1) 70-year-old female with posterior staphyloma and macular detachment who underwent 23 g vitrectomy to peel the posterior hyaloid membrane, placing a silicone rail over the macular region and leaving 1300 cs silicone oil as tamponade to prevent the enlargement of a small choroidal detachment. 1 year later, silicone oil was removed and visual acuity improved from hand motion to 0.3. 2) 73-year-old female with upper macular detachment who underwent 23 g vitrectomy to release vitreo-retinal tractions, placing a NPB macular buckle over the detached region, which was located using a standard vitrectomy light fitted together with it, and leaving 12% C3F8. 2 months later, vision improved from peripheral hand motion to 0.16 and metamorphopsias decreased.

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