A passion for ophthalmic surgery D.O.R.C. International was founded to provide ophthalmic surgeons throughout the world with instruments and equipment especially designed for anterior & posterior ophthalmic surgery.

Innovative For more than 25 years D.O.R.C. has worked intensively with leading top surgeons. Therefore at D.O.R.C. we know exactly which requirements instruments and equipment must satisfy. Our knowledge, combined with a unique mix of talent for the development of new ideas, high design quality and a strong product philosophy, results in highly innovative products.

Worldwide D.O.R.C. exports its instruments and equipment to more than eighty countries worldwide and has its own sales and marketing organisations in the USA, France, Germany, Middle East, Scandinavia, Belgium and The Netherlands.

More information at: www.dorc.nl

Retina Products
Surgical Systems
Harmony Total
Surgical Units
High Speed Transformer
Xenon BrightStar Illumination System
Ophthalmic Surgical Liquids
MembraneBlueTM USA
Silicone Oil
Viscous Fluid Injection / Extraction Accessories
Accessories for Ophthalmic Liquids
Reusable Vitreoretinal Instruments
20 Gauge Transconjunctival System
23 Gauge Transconjunctival System
25 Gauge Transconjunctival System
27 Gauge Transconjunctival System
Microforceps & Scissors
Subretinal Instruments
Backflush Instruments
Membrane Instruments
Vitreoretinal Accessories
Vitrectomy Lens System
Eckardt Macular Rotation Instruments
Disposable Vitreoretinal Instruments
Disposable Transconjunctival Systems
Disposable Laser Probes
Disposable Light Fibers & Accessories
Disposable Backflush Instruments & Accessories
Diamond Dusted Sweepers
Disposable Vitrectomy Lenses
Disposable Microforceps & Scissors
Scleral Buckling Products
Disposable Miscellaneous