Andriy Sergienko, Olena Leus, Victoriia Siriachenko (Kyiv, Ukraine)


To determine the trends of microelement distribution in vitreous and subretinal fluid in the eyes with retinal detachment.


Semi-quantitative emission spectral analysis of 60 vitreous body aspirates and 36 subretinal fluid samples, taken during PPV in patients with retinal detachment, was performed. 10 cadaverous vitreous samples were used as controls. In the eyes with retinal detachment the concentration of relatively toxic microelements Zn, Cu, P, Fe and Ag was increased. In 24% of cases a transient concentration elevation of Ag, Al, Pb, Sn was observed in the subretinal fluid. Increased concentration of Mn, Сa were noted to be permanent in subretinal fluid. Zn, Cu concentration decrease was more pronounced in subretinal fluid than in vitreous.

Effectiveness / Safety:

In vitreous and subretinal fluid the following trends were found: activation of cellular death in the subretinal space, controlled by Mn/Сa endonuclease, and activity decrease of Cu/Zn superoxyd dismutase.