To compare the diagnostic accuracy and risk factors for metamorphopsia between M-CHARTS and preferential hyperacuity perimeter (PHP) in the patients with resolved central serous chorioretinopathy (CSC).


This study included patients with resolved CSC without macular oedema on optical coherence tomography (OCT). We evaluated metamorphopsia using M-CHARTS and PHP. Foveal microstructure was assessed with spectral-domain OCT including central retinal thickness, the presence of pigment epithelial detachment and the integrity of cone outer segment tip line, photoreceptor inner/outer segment junction line and external limiting membrane. We analysed the relationship between metamorphopsia and clinical factors including age, sex, logMAR best-corrected visual acuity (BCVA), chronicity of CSC, type of treatment and foveal microstructures on OCT.


We included 29 eyes of 28 patients with resolved CSC. M-CHARTS detected metamorphopsia in 18 eyes (62.1%) with mean metamorphopsia score of 0.3±0.1, whereas PHP in 14 eyes (48.3%) with mean total volume of 7048.8±7456.9. The findings of M-CHARTS and PHP were concordant in 13 eyes (44.8%). There was no significant correlation in detection for metamorphopsia between M-CHARTS and PHP (P = 0.454). The eyes with metamorphopsia on M-CHARTS had significantly greater proportion of chronic CSC (18 eyes, 100%) than those without (7 eyes, 63.6%; P = 0.014). The eyes with metamorphopsia on PHP showed significantly older age and worse final BCVA (57.5±10.6 years, 0.2±0.3) rather than those without (48.1±7.2 years, 0.0±0.1; P = 0.009, 0.045, respectively). Other clinical factors were not related with metamorphopsia detected by M-CHARTS or PHP.


M-CHARTS and PHP did not show correlated diagnostic performance for metamorphopsia in the patients with resolved CSC. It might alert the clinicians to consider that M-CHARTS and PHP are still tentative diagnostic tools to detect metamorphopsia in the patients with resolved CSC.

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