Adiel Barak, MD (Tel Aviv, Israel), Anat Loewenstein, MD (Tel Aviv, Israel)


To report an episode of toxic anterior chamber syndrome that occured 8 days after uneventful cataract extraction and IOL implantation.


Retrospective study evaluated an episode of 7 cases of postoperative inflammation that occurred 8 days after cataract extraction with placement of the posterior chamber IOL.


Eight patients (out of 13 patients operated) who underwent cataract extraction in an ambulatory center presented with decreased vision and pain 8 days after surgery. On examination increased anterior segment inflammation was seen, but with no sign of vitreous involvement. All patients were treated with topical steroids and cycloplegic agents, and gradual improvement was seen in all patients. Careful analysis of the inflammation has not revealed an obvious etiology; no further cases were  detected among 14 surgeries performed at the ambulatory center a day later by the same team.


Toxic anterior chamber syndrome is a rare complication of cataract extraction. Its recognition is important due to its  resemblance to infectious endophthalmitis.