To describe cystoid macular degeneration (CMD) which had no clear definition in diabetic macular edema (DME) and to investigate related characteristics.


Retrospective study. Two hundred fifty one eyes of 179 patients who had cystic changes in OCT were enrolled. The horizontal and vertical diameters of the biggest cyst in the area of 1000µm from the center of the fovea were measured for the definition of CMD. The analysis of ROC curve was made to define a cut-off value from these measurements. The groups of CME and CMD were created.


When the horizontal diameter was and above 450µm we defined this group as CMD. In this group the predictability of visual acuity as and lower than 0.3 was 58%. When the horizontal diameter was lower than 450µm we defined this group as CME. In this group the predictability of visual acuity as higher than 0.3 namely was 73%. Sensitivity was 62% and spescifity was 69% for the determined cut-off value 300µm in the vertical diameter. Central foveal thickness, outer retinal layer disturbance, loss of foveal contour, macular ischemia, diffuse and mixed oedema was observed in a higher rate in the CMD groups than CME groups.


CMD can be defined as those eyes with a central biggest cyst with a horizontal diameter above 450µm and vertical diameter was above 300µm and together with the macular ischemia, the disruption of outer retinal layer, the loss of foveal contour and diffuse, mixed oedema. This definition can be a guide for professionals to predict the vis ual acuity and expectation of the treatment.

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