Cystoid ME After Macular Hole Surgical Closure Claudia Bacalhau


Description of a clinical case with scientific interest.


Macular hole surgery has now very high successful morphological and functional rates, with few postoperative complications associated. We describe a case with development of clinically significant macular edema treated effectively.

Case Study:

65 year-old patient with full thickness macular hole underwent surgery with morphologic success and improvement in BCVA. At 45 days post-surgery she developed clinically significant macular edema, and was performed intravitreal ranibizumab and subtenon triamcinolone. Initial macular edema disappeared but recovered after 30 days. It was decided to repeat the previous treatment, with morphologic and functional success that remains stable at month 3 of follow up.


The few cases of postoperative complications in cases of macular hole surgery makes that its management are less known. We used the approach of macular edema from other etiologies, with success.