Català Mora – Jaume, Jurgens Mestre – Ignasi


To evaluate the anatomic and functional results of three different approaches to juxtapapilar choroidal neovascular (CNV) lesions.


Retrospective review of 10 consecutive eyes with juxtapapilar CNV treated with laser photocoagulation (3 cases), surgical extraction (3 cases) or observation (4 cases).


The average follow-up time was 12 months (6-24). Vision improved or remained stable in all patients treated with laser or observation. Vision improved in 2 patients who underwent surgery and one patient in this group lost one Snellen line of vision. Complications included cataract and acute angle glaucoma in one patient.


Observation is a good initial approach in cases of juxtapapilar CNV. Laser photocoagulation could be of choice when central vision is threatened. Surgical excision should be reserved for those patients where laser photocoagulation is not possible.

Take-home message:

Juxtapapilar CNV treatment should include observation as initial approach and only when the fovea is threatened laser photocoagulation or surgical excision could be considered.