A 35 year old young male reported with deceased vision in the right eye for 1.5 months. He had difficulty in reading and doing near work. On examination, BCVA was 20/60 and 20/20 in the right and left eye respectively. Fundus examination showed no vitreous cells and yellowish choroiditis-like lesion at the macula. Patient was taking oral steroid for the lesion. OCT examination showed sensory elevation in both eyes with diffuse hyper reflectivity in the subsensory space in the right eye with pigment epithelial detachment. Fluorescein angiography showed multiple inkblot leakages in the right eye and single leak in the left eye. Oral steroid was stopped and the patient followed up after one month. After one month of follow up the turbid fluid in the subsensory space was reduced in the right eye with decrease in subsensory fluid in both eyes. Patient underwent laser photocoagulation to the leaking sites in both eyes.

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