I perform macular maneuvers now using the following package:

1. Chandelier illumination.

2. Aspheric macular contact lens

3. 23 gauge needle for creating the ILM flap

4. Clamping the infusion cannula during the BBG stain injection.

The chandelier allows for satisfactory illumination with a free second hand that stabilizes the working hand and thus provides stability, precision, control and dexterity. But positioning and redirecting by the assistant may be essential. 23 gauge needle is non-bent, allowing the creation of the ILM flap without pinching the retina even though it is sharp. The aspheric lens gives a very good resolution. Clamped infusion cannula during BBG stain injection allows gravitation of BBG on macula, and more effective staining…. however, this may result in transient hypotony.