Cesare Forlini Ravenna, Italy

Serious traumas may produce serious damages in the eyeball so that we sometimes need to intervene both in the anterior and the posterior sector in only one surgical step. The video shows the change of a cosmetic IOL in order to solve the luxation of the haptic part of the IOL. At the same time, the surgeon has performed a corneal graft and the removal of the ILM, which caused the contraction of the central retina, with the use of temporary keratoprostesis. The endoscopy system plays an important role in the pre-operating survey. It allows us to recognize the cause of the luxation of the IOL, in order to choose the best surgical strategy, and to control the positioning of both the scleral sutures and the IOL. The change of the intraocular lens suggests that in these cases we must choose a lighter color in comparison to the natural one.