To report normal choroidal thickness and volume measurement in healthy eyes using swept source optical coherence tomography (SS-OCT). Additionally to correlate the results with axial length, age and refractive error.


Prospective observational study of 122 healthy eyes. All patients underwent a complete ophthalmologic examination. Imaging was performed with SS-OCT. Choroidal thickness and volume measurements were displayed as the mean and standard deviation for each of the 9 regions defined in Early Treatment Diabetic Retinopathy Study. Axial length was measured with optical low coherence reflectometry. Additionally age and refractive error were integrated in the statistical analysis.


The choroid has focally increased thickness under the fovea (manual measurement, p<0.001). The choroid was thinnest in the outer nasal quadrant. In stepwise regression analysis, age was estimated as the most significant factor correlating with decrease of choroidal thickness (F=23,146, p<0.001), followed by axial length (F=4.902, p=0.03). Refractive error was not statistically significant (F=1.16, p=0.28). Choroidal thickness and volume measurements derived from SS-OCT images have potential value for objectively documenting disease- related choroidal thickness abnormalities and monitoring progressive changes over time.