Woohyok Chang_SCIENTIFIC POSTER 2015_1


To compare the accuracy of refractive outcome measured by ultrascan and partial coherence interferometers after phacovitrectomy.


We performed a retrospective study of 74 eyes of 74 patients who underwent phacovitrectomy. The difference between the predicted and postoperative refractive outcome for the two methodologies (Ultrascan and IOL master) were compared. The predicted refractive outcome means the estimated refractive error when we insert the selected IOL.


The axial length measured in the IOL master was statistically longer than those measured in Ultrascan (23.85±0.15mm, 23.56±0.15mm, p<0.001). The postoperative refractive error was more accurate in the IOL master than Ultrascan (0.08±0.74, 0.47±0.69, p<0.001). But, in cases of vitreous hemorrhage the postoperative refractive error was 0.42±0.49 in the IOL master and 0.07±0.54 in the Ultrascan.


Generally, IOL master is more accurate method for calculating the IOL power prior to the phacovitrectomy. But, in cases of vitreous hemorrhage, Ultrascan seems to be superior to IOL master in calculating the IOL power.

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