Nur Acar*, Yaprak Banu Unver, Leyla Hazar, Nihat Sayýn, Yasar Kucuksumer, Ziya Kapran (Istanbul, Turkey)


Being less invasive, 23-gauge, and 25-gauge transconjunctival pars plana vitrectomy (PPV) techniques may cause less postoperative inflammation and patient discomfort. In this prospective study the aim was to compare postoperative inflammation and patient discomfort scores in eyes that underwent 20-gauge, 23-gauge, and 25-gauge PPV for the treatment of retinal detachment (RD).


In this prospective study includes 34 eyes that underwent 20-gauge (Group 1, n: 9), 23-gauge (Group 2, n:16), and 25-gauge (Group 3, n:9) PPV due to RRD (n:23), and DTRD (n:11). Conjunctival hyperemia, ciliary injection, cell density in the anterior chamber, blur in the anterior chamber were graded as 0-3/4 with slit-lamp examination. Total inflammation score was 16. Subjective complaints, which were pain, discomfort, tearing, and photophobia were graded as 0-3/4 (none, mild, intermediate, severe, unbearable) by all patients. Total discomfort score was 13. All patients were examined on day 1,day 3,week 1,week 2,and month 1, and the results were compared in 3 groups.

Effectiveness / Safety:

11 out of 16 eyes in 23-gauge group needed at least 1 scleral suturing, whereas none of the 25-gauge sclerotomies needed suturing. Postoperative mean inflammation scores on day 1 were 8.11±2.66, 6.37±2.66, and 4.88±1.76 in Groups 1,2,and 3, respectively. It was significantly lower in 25-gauge group compared to 20-gauge group (p:0.022). Postoperative mean patient discomfort scores on day 1 were 5.88±2.89, 3.37±2.75, and 1.33±1.32 in 20-gauge, 23-gauge and 25-gauge groups, respectively. It was significantly highest in 20-gauge, and lowest in 25-gauge group.