Comparison of Perfused CNV and Disciform MD After Anti-VEGF Treatment of nAMD



To evaluate perfused group with preservation of foveal outer retina layer on nAMD after antiVEGF treatment.

Materials & Method:

Authors compared OCT findings and visual acuity of perfused CNV group and other disciform MD group after antiVEGF intravitreal injection treatment. 30 eyes of perfused CNV and other 30 eyes of disciform MD patients were enrolled.


Post-treatment mean visual acuity of both group was logMAR 0.34 and logMAR 1.32 respectively (p-0.000). Perfused CNV group has subRPE CNV only in 15 eyes but Disciform MD group has simultaneously subretinal and subRPE CNV in 18 eyes. Subfoveal hemorrhage and macular edema is 6 eyes and 14 eyes in the disciform MD group but one eye and 4 eyes in the perfused CNV group. However, thickness of CNV on the foveal center and choroidal thickness has no significant difference on the both group (p=0.599. 0.288).


According to this study, outer retina was preserved with perfusion from subRPE CNV in the perfused CNV group. When CNV is confined in the subRPE area without subretinal hemorrhage and macular edema, the CNV could perfuse to the foveal outer retina unless to fall in the disciform MD regardless of CNV thickness.


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