Sevil Karaman, Hülya Güngel, Isil Pasaoglu, Ozen Osmanbasoglu, Ece Uzun, Dilek Alp (Osmaniye, Turkey)


To compare prognosis after 20-gauge (G) and 23-G pars plana vitrectomy (PPV) combined with phacoemulsification for repair of primary phakic rhegmatogenous retinal detachment.


56 phakic patients who underwent primary rhegmatogenous retinal detachment repair with 20-G (n=28) or 23-G (n=28) transconjunctival PPV were included. The medical records were retrospectively reviewed and the corresponding demographic information including age and gender, visual acuity, duration of symptoms and postoperative anatomic outcomes were recorded.

Effectiveness / Safety:

Mean age of 23-G and 20-G groups was 56 ±11 and 63 ±8 respectively. Duration of symptoms was 24 days in 23-G and 37 days in 20-G group. There was no statistical difference in age, gender and duration of symptoms between the groups. There was no difference in preoperative intraocular pressures (23-G 13,9mmHg; 20-G 12,4mmHg). Five cases in 23-G and 1 case in 20-G group developed retinal redetachment but no significant difference between the groups was recorded (p 0,09). The visual gains after the surgery were similar in two groups.

Take home message:

20-G and 23-G PPV combined with phacoemulsification in phakic rhegmatogenous retinal detachment repair have similar efficacy on functional and anatomic success.