To compare anatomic and functional results of vitrectomy with internal limiting membrane (ILM) peeling and anti- VEGF (Avastin) injection for the course of diabetic macular edema.


Comparative non- randomized study of 68 eyes, of patients with diabetic macular edema. 50 eyes were treated with repeated injections of anti- VEGF (Avastin), 18 eyes had undergone vitrectomy with ILM peeling. Pre- and best-achieved postoperative visual acuities were compared. Follow- up was 9.8 months in patients after anti- VEGF injection and 12.9 months in patients after vitrectomy with ILM peeling.

Effectiveness / Safety:

Preoperative central macular thickness was 575.89µm in the Avastin group and 672.56 in the vitrectomy with ILM peeling group. Preoperative visual acuity was 0.19 and 0.06 respectively. Postoperative central macular thickness was 379.48µm in the Avastin group and 246.87µm in the ILM peeling group. Best-achieved visual acuity was 0.28 and 0.26 respectively. Patients, who received Avastin injection required repeated treatments, approximately every 2 months. Vitrectomy with ILM peeling was a single treatment.

Take home message:

Vitrectomy with ILM peeling may produce better long- term results as compared with anti- VEGF injections and does not require repeated treatment.