Epiretinal membranes (ERM) are sometimes multilayered and need peeling more than once during vitrectomy. Different dyes with multiple times of injections may be used to stain ERM, and internal limiting membrane (ILM). In this video combined peeling of ERM, and ILM in a single-step after dying with a brilliant and trypan blue mixture (BBG-TBm) in ERMs is demonstrated. The main objective is to decrease mechanical trauma of sequential peeling while avoiding injecting dyes more than once to eliminate potential concern of toxicity for exposed retina. After single injection, peeling of ILM, and ERM is started somewhere near the arcades and completed in the macula. The technique is found to be effective, avoiding the recurrence of ERMs. The technique may also shorten the peeling time, and light exposure, avoiding multiple times of peeling maneouver, and injecting dyes more than once during the surgery.