Jung Yeul Kim, Ki-Yeup Nam, Dong-Won Hu, Haeng-Jin Lee, Young-Joon Jo* (Seoul, South Korea)


1. Removal of Remnant Vitreous in posteior pole and easy access of remnant vitreous around hole
2. Prevention of epiretinal membrane and recurrence of recurrent RD


We performed ILM peeling with pars plana vitrectomy in Macular off RRD in 23 patients. ILM peeling was done under heavy liquid and ICG staining. We could confirm the usefullness of this technique during and after operation. Postoperatively, there were fibrous proliferation outside of ILM peeling and shallow elevation in 3 eyes of 23, but all of macular areas were well-attached and surrounding shallow elevation decreased.

Effectiveness / Safety:

ILM peeling with VT might reduce the possibility of ERM, postoperative PVR and recurrent RD.

Take home message:

Because vitreous schisis is quite popular in RRD, so ILM peeling with VT might be needed in selective cases.