To study physical properties of perfluorocarbon liquids and silicone oil in vitro.


Samples of perfluodecalin and silicone oil were taken to study their physical properties under microscope in dormant conditions. Samples of emulsified silicone oil were studied under microscope in BSS drop to evaluate physical properties in dormant conditions. Additional sample staining with the use of stain Sudan III was performed. Properties of liquids were video recorded under microscope with magnification of x400 an x1000.


A drop of perfluordecaline expressed resistance to staining keeping clear consistence. Silicon oil drop was smoothly covered by stain. Small particles of Sudan III were hitting stable silicon oil drop. In dormant conditions emulsified silicon oil droplets displayed chaotic movement which has obtained characteristics of Brownian movement. This movement could be responsible for interaction with cells which leads to its membrane penetration and phagocytosis.