Moderator: Ferenc Kuhn

Monday, June 20, 2005

Clinicodiagnostic correlation of macular disease

Author: Nawrocki Jerzy, Michalewski Janusz, Michalewska Zofia, Nawrocka Zofia

Abstract :


The aim of the video is to present HRT II and OCT correlations with clinical picture of selected macular diseases.


Pictures of HRT II and OCT are compared with surgical observations during vitrectomy for macular hole, optic pit retinal detachment and other indications with macular pathology.


HRT II allows to present the topography of macular area and is a very useful examination method giving additional information to OCT findings. This method is also useful for follow up and patient information.


By presenting the macular surface topography HRT II is giving additional information to OCT findings. This allows better understanding of macular pathology.

Take-home message:

HRT II is an additional tool for macula examination. This method presents the topography of macula. It may be also used in follow-up examination and to explain the macular disease to the patient.

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