SCIENTIFIC POSTER 2016_Clinical Outcomes and Safety of Nd-YAG Laser Vitreolysis for Symptomatic Vitreous Floaters Seong Joo Shin


To evaluate the clinical outcomes and safety of Nd:YAG laser vitreolysis for symptomatic vitreous floaters.


This was prospective interventional study of 42 eyes of 42 patients with symptomatic floaters lasting more than 6 months. The vitreous floaters were photodisrupted with Ultra Q Reflex Nd:YAG laser. All patients were followed up of 3 months. Preoperative, postoperative best corrected visual activity (BCVA) and intraocular pressure (IOP), changes of the floaters, patient satisfaction and postoperative complication were analyzed.


There was no significant difference between preoperative, postoperative BCVA and IOP (p>0.05). Vitreous floaters were not recognized in 11 eyes (26.20%), decreased floaters were seen in 26 eyes (61.90%) and no definite changes of floaters were seen in 5 eyes (11.90%). Regarding patient satisfaction after the laser treatment, 15 patients (35.71%) were very statified and 27 (64.29%) were satisfied. Patient with weiss ring type of the floater demonstrated the highest, great satisfied in 8 of the 11 eyes (72.73%), and vitreous floaters were not recognized in 8 of the 11 eyes (72.73%). Postoperative complication was not noted during a follow up period of at least 6 months.


This study showed that Ultra Q Reflex Nd:YAG laser appears to be an effective and safe for vitreolysis can be a promising treatment for symptomatic vitreous floaters.

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