Poster 1 Ana Isabel Pastor Vivas

We report the case of a patient of 57 years, treated in ophthalmology for general review without referring eye clinic and as the only history of interest, hyperopia of +6.25 D in the right eye and +6.75 in eye left. On examination of fundus observed diffuse choroidal folds in both eyes. The patient’s visual acuity was 0.9. It performs complete study including ocular ultrasound, and cerebral and orbital resonance, fluorescein angiography and indocyanine green, with all findings within normal limits, except for an axial length of 20.27 in the right eye and 20.09 in the left eye. We emphasize the importance of exclude the presence of any retroorbital mass before the finding of choroidal folds. We recall the possibility of this finding in patients with axial lengths below normal, with no visual impact.