Sengul Ozdek*, Erdem Yuksel (Ankara, Turkey)


Early chorioretinectomy in eyes with perforating eye injury may increase the globe survival rate.


Reports of consecutive eyes with severe perforating injuries treated with chorioretinectomy were examined for surgical technique, VA, formation of postoperative proliferative tissue, PVR, and tractional retinal detachment rate.

Effectiveness / Safety:

Results of 15 eyes of 15 patients were included in the study. All had an exit wound, 7 of which were located in the central macula that caused choroidal and retinal incarceration. PPV together with chorioretinectomy, endolaser, silicone oil tamponade, +/- encircling band, +/- lensectomy surgery were applied in all cases. All but one eye had attached retina together with tiny scarring of the exit wound. Only one eye had a newly formed proliferative tissue in the exit wound area and PVR, necessitating further surgery.

Take home message:

Early chorioretinectomy seems to be an effective technique to prevent exit wound-induced granulation tissue and yield high globe survival rates in perforating injuries.