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The chandelier position is preferably inferior at 6 ‘clock OR slightly lower nasal at 5/7 ‘clock.

Insertion: vertical (less commonly oblique). Redirecting chandelier by the assistant during the procedure is possible. Mobilization of chandelier probe between trocars even if 23G trocars is possible, provided it is stabilized by the assistant.


• Minimal head tilt

• Minimal obstruction by the nose

• Proper easy redirection of the probe for better luminance

• Proper wound coaptation despite being vertical

• Mobilization overcomes glare when working close to the chandelier port Disadvantages:

• No space for inferior trocar insertion. In eyes with narrow palpebral fissure do lateral canthotomy

• No space for inferior trocar insertion with shrunken conjunctiva -> relaxing forniceal conjunctival incision

• Upper head tilt with inferior position -> elevate the head of the patient.