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How to perform buckle surgery with a scrubbed nurse only ? As our policy is to perform retinal detachment surgery as soon as there is a capacity in the OR, I do not always have a hold on a resident or fellow, who could assist me. An experienced nurse can equally perform the instrumentation and assist me simultaneously. She already has prepared the instruments for the next steps in surgery, so that they are ready to be grapped from the instrumentation desk. I myself try to do as many steps of the surgery as possible without assistance. How have the hands free while inspecting the retina ? Throughout the surgery, I wear a binocular ophthalmoscope and below it spectacles with Zeiss 2.5x magnifying glasses glued on them. The spectacles themselves are corrected for working in armlength. Thus I can easily change between indirect binocular ophthalmoscopy and working with magnifying glasses without changing instruments or gloves and always hands free.The resident or the scrubbed nurse hold the eye with the muscle sutures, I do the localization, marking and the cryo with the instrument in the right hand and the 20 dpt lens or the Volk 2.2 lens in the left hand. I try to localize as precise as possible to be able to suture small sized buckles with a lower risk of diplopia. More than 95% of my buckles a half sponges with a diameter of 3 or 4 mm. How to avoid drainage complications ? My method is the electrolytic puncture with a 0.5mm needle with a length of 1.5 mm. After puncture I only use gentle pressure, if at all. I only have to be sure, that the hole is precisely located on top of the buckle, but the retina needs not to be dry by the end of surgery. In case a hypotony develops, I fill up the eye with BSS in the case of little holes or with air or SF6 in case of larger holes with a fish-mouth. In more than 3300 buckling procedures I experienced hemorrhages in less than 5 times. How to suture a buckle for a posterior hole located more than 13 mm behind the limbus ? Use the Geuder spatula S00903 but remove the lid speculum , so that I can create more space for the buckle sutures.