Salim Ben Yahia*, Rim Kahloun, Sonia Attia, Sana Khochtali, Sonia Zaouali, Moncef Khairallah
(Monastir, Tunisia)


To monitor retinal detachment surgery by anterior chamber inflammatory activity.


Twenty-seven consecutive patients were examined before, 1 day, 1 week, 2 weeks and 4 weeks after surgery for retinal detachment. The anterior chamber inflammatory activity was evaluated using the laser flare photometry.

Effectiveness / Safety:

Mean age was 54.6 years. Sixteen patients (59.3%) were male. Fourteen patients (51.8%) were treated with scleral buckling, 10 patients (37%) with vitrectomy and silicone oil tamponade, and 3 patients (11.2%) with pneumatic retinopexy. Mean preoperative flare (in photon counts per millisecond) was 24.45 counts/ms (range, 10.2- 320.1 counts/ms). One day and 1 month after surgery, mean values were 67.1 (range, 15-561.9) and 37.4 (range, 4.3 à 320.1), respectively. Anatomic failure was noted in 4 patients. At one month, mean aqueous flare in patients with anatomic success was 24.1 versus 87.2 in patients with anatomic failure.

Take home message:

Anterior chamber inflammation after retinal detachment surgery may be an additional indicator of surgery outcome. Anatomical success is associated with low postoperative flare.