Explain how Blockchain protocol technology should quickly transform our retinal practice.
Bitcoin and blockchain protocol technology are already changing the world, and Health care won’t derogate in it.
We all know that patient’s health data are recorded and digitized. Most people fear the use of these data in financial interests or nefarious oversight. Blockchain protocols are using decentralized, distributed and public digital ledger that is used to record transactions across many computers. Therefore the record cannot be altered retroactively without the modification of all subsequent blocks and the collusion of the network. In healthcare, this places the patient at the center of the system with increased privacy, interoperability and reliability of health data. It will enable continual updating of the data base and information, and lead to very quick awareness of real efficacy (or not) of a specific treatment. This is independent of usual randomized controlled trials and peer-reviewed journals, which may be influenced by ‘Big Pharma’ input or editorial bias. This addresses the problem that “Evidence-based Medicine” or “EBM” has has been distorted by these factors. With multi-billions of dollars involved, « EBM » seems to be replaced by “Marketing-based Medicine”.  This has a particularly crucial impact upon our retinal practices with multiple anti-VEGF Intra vitreal Injections (IVTs), incumbent vast sums of money, and utilization of more and more IVTs for more and more patients with different diseases. Consequently, Big Health data reported by all retina specialists to a Blockchain network may improve efficiencies and support better health outcomes for our patients. Furthermore, it will allow medical doctors to quickly appreciate the efficacy and understand reasons for failure or success of our treatments.
“Pharmaceutical companies will inevitably continue to be the dominant influence in deciding what research is undertaken and conducting that research, publishing it and providing information to prescribers”*. But a self sufficient and autonomous Blockchain protocol used by Retinal specialists coud lead to a real EBM and no more to a « Marketing-based-Medicine ». This will happen only if health professionals understand that important issue.
*House of Commons Health Committee. The Influence of the Pharmaceutical Industry. Fourth Report of the Session, 2004-2005, Volume I. March, 2005 »



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