Javier Elizalde, Bárbara Delás


As an alternative to fine-needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB) monitored by indirect ophthalmoscopy, we present a new method for obtaining a cytologic tumor sample using a surgical microscope and a 25G system at the time of plaque radiotherapy.


Through a three-port 25G microcannulae system pars plana approach, tumor fragments are safely obtained using either a 25G vitrector (for tumors greater than 4mm in height) or a 27G needle for smaller tumors.

Effectiveness / Safety:

The surgical microscope allows performing a biopsy with a direct image, greater magnification than the indirect ophthalmoscope, and a much more comfortable and stabling position of the surgeon during the procedure. Tumor fragments obtained are large enough to confirm that sufficient tissue has been sampled. The 25G system approach is an effective, safe and quick procedure that allows us to have better illumination and better control of bleeding, and Scleral microcannulae might reduce the risk of tumor seeding.