Nur Acar, MD, Yaprak Banu Unver, MD, Ziya Kapran, MD, Mehmet Cakır, MD, Zerrin Bayraktar, MD, Tugrul Altan, MD, Sinan Albayrak, MD

The surgical repair of complex diabetic traction retinal detachments requires the removal of the vitreous and the release of anteroposterior and tangential forces from the retina. In standard pars plana vitrectomy only one active instrument can be used since the other hand holds an illuminating light. Bimanual vitrectomy allows the surgeon to use both hands actively for difficult dissections. In this video bimanual surgical approach performed in several cases with different instruments like illuminated pick, illuminated scissors and Chandelier light through the forth sclerotomy are demonstrated under wideangle visualisation system and disposable silicone macula lenses.