Bilateral Simultaneous Retinal Detachment following Bilateral Simultaneous Phakic IOL Implants




To report on a peculiar incident of bilateral simultaneous retinal detachments with giant retinal tears two weeks following bilateral simultaneous ICL implantation.


A female patient aged 18 years presented with loss of vision one day apart two weeks following bilateral phakic IOl implantation to correct high myopia of -18.00 Sp/Dpt OD and -20.00 sph/Dpt OS. Both eyes had total retinal detachment due to giant retinal tears.


Parsplana vitrectomy with silicone oil tamponade was performed bilaterally with preservation of the phakic IOL. Silicone oil was removed 4 weeks later with successful reattachment of the retina bilaterally. The vision improved to 0.2 OD and 0.3 OS. One year later bilateral cataract extraction was performed with removal of the phakic IOL The difficulties encountered during the management will be briefly discussed, namely the decision to preserve the phakic IOl and the crystalline lens, glaucoma and emulsified oil under the phakic IOL.



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