52 Years old woman pseudophakic in high myopia suffered blunt trauma in the right eye while playing with her dog with consequent massive haemorrhage and expulsion of the lens and iris. Immediate vitrectomy. 24 days later bumps into a door and suffers another blunt trauma in the left eye with the same complication: massive vitreous haemorrhage with the subsequent expulsion of the lens and iris and immediate vitrectomy.

4 months after the trauma due to the terrible fotofobia dizziness and evident aesthetics reasons the patient comes to my office for a consultation in order to correct her bilateral aniridia.

Usually the choice the color of the artificial iris is normally based on a professional picture taken from the not damaged eye. An exactly identical sample of it is generated by a specialized company that produces this kind of implant in approximately one month.

But in this case of bilateral post traumatic aniridia, what to do?

In this specific case, the patient could choose among the iris colors available from famous actresses or just any color!.

The film shows the world’s first bilateral simultaneous surgery with implantation of two artificial iris with scleral fixation in 3 points in post traumatic aniridia and its great results.

In addition it evidences the particular process that he patient passes through choosing the color for her eyes.

The patient finally decided not to choose from the colors of cinema actress’s available but she searched inside her family’s options. The final decision was to choose between her daughter’s eye color or her husband’s eye color.

Which was her choice?

My big surprise was, since it is a not very young couple, the same as lot of colleagues that I asked worldwide: “Which color they thought the patient would have chosen?”

The 90% of them thought like me, the patient  would have chosen her daughter’s eye color !

What truly touched me was that she’d chosen the color of the eyes of the man she married, and consequently, after the surgery, having the same eye color for of the man she fell in love so long ago,  as an evidence of a love that lasts long over the years.”

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