Authors: Daniel Vilaplana, Vladimir Poposki, D. Martin, Isaac Alarcon, M. Castilla, Barcelona, Spain


Bilateral retinal detachment as a consequence of a bilateral giant retinal tear I a very uncommon pathology. We present our surgical technique to obtain a satisfactory result with a prompt recovery of the life style of the patient.


Under general anesthesia we always start with the eye of the worse prognosis or that you suspect will require a longer surgical act. When this eye is repaired we proceed to operate on the other eye during the same session. We performed the following steps: Scleral buckling, vitrectomy, perfluorocarbone liquid, intraocular laser photocoagulation and direct exchange of perfluorocarbon with silicone oil 5000 Cs.

Effectiveness / Safety:

Using silicone oil 5000 Cs., positioning of the patients is not necessary and they can start their normal life in a short period of time.