Theodoros Potamitis, Yianna Antoniou (Limassol, Cyprus)


The use of Avastin has revolutionized the management of many retinal vasculopathies over the past few years and when its use leads to the avoidance of surgery the advantages to the patient are obvious.


Patients over a five-year period with CRVO treated by both vitrectomy and ILM peel or Avastin and retinal laser combination were reviewed.  A total of 43 cases are reviewed.  Final visual acuity, macular thickness and incidence of rubeosis are used final outcome measures.

Effectiveness / Safety:

Avastin laser on balance is a safer option than surgery with a similar final outcome for the patient.

Take home message:

There is no advantage to peeling the ILM in patients with CRVO since the resulting ischemia and vascular leakage can be treated with the more conservative approach of Avastin and laser.