Authors: Sengul Ozdek, Cuneyt Ozmen, Berati Hasanreisoglu, Ankara, Turkey


A new activity scoring (AS) for assessment of the neovascular ARMD activity is defined. AS supplies standardization for the assessment of the lesion activity after anti-VEGF therapy.


52 eyes with neovascular ARMD treated with anti- VEGF agents were involved. The AS is based on
1) fluid in OCT,
2) hemorrhage associated with the lesion,
3) leakage in FA
4) change in lesion area,
5) change in

  • objective and
  • subjective vision. An AS is calculated both before and after treatment. A cut of point for AS was searched to determine the eyes that need treatment. Sensitivity and specificity of the AS were determined with that cut off point.


The pretreatment AS of 7.4 decreased to 4.2 after treatment (p 0.05). AS of 7 was used as a cut-off point with a sensitivity of 86% and positive predictive value of 90%.

Take home message:

AS is a standardized measure to assess the activity of the lesion at the beginning and after anti-VEGF therapy.