Argus II Epiretinal Prosthesis System Implantation in End-stage Retinitis Pigmentosa – Results of the First Four Patients



Argus II Epiretinal prosthesis system implantation is indicated in patients older tha 25-yers of age with end-stage retinitis pigmentosa with bilateral vision of hand motion, or light perception only. In this study our purpose was to evaluate the efficacy and safety of Argus II Retinal Implant surgery in eyes with retinitis pigmentosa with visual acuity of light perception only. 


Database of our hospital group is searched to find appropriate candidates for the first Argus II Retinal implant surgery in Turkey. Of 604 registered patients with the diagnosis of retinitis pigmentosa only 60 patients were recorded with VA of HM or less. 15 of them could be reexamined. Detailed examination, imaging, flash tests and detailed explanation of the surgery with its expected outcomes were performed. The psychology and motivation of the patients were evaluated with the team. Retinal implant surgery was performed in 4 patients. At least 40 hours of postoperative rehabilitation was performed. The patients were followed-up montly starting from the first postoperative month.


In all 4 eyes the implant surgery was successfully performed. In the first 2 eyes local transient serous choroidal detachment was observed at the superotemporal site without causing any further complication.The first patient had a complaint of heating at the antenna of the eyglass which was fixed by sealing it with a special cover.No other complication was observed during the 6 months of follow-up time. All four patients were cooperative with their rehabilitation period. In 3 patients VA improved to HM. One patient can read letters of snellen chart of 0.1 size at 1 m. All three can recognize large and small objects, movements and direction of movements, had imporevement on eating and self mobility.


Argus II Retinal Implant surgery is considered to be safe and effective in selected eyes with retinitis pigmentosa with visual acuity of light perception only.Patient selection is important both for the medical reasons and also for the cooperation for the rehabilitation process. The implant surgery needs experience in both scleral surgery and vitrectomy techniques, and needs precision.



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