Ozen Osmanbasoglu, Hülya Güngel, Isil Pasaoglu, Abdurrahman Bascý, Merih Gul (Istanbul, Turkey)


To assess the anatomical and functional prognosis in patients with traumatic retinal detachment after close globe injury.


The study was a nonrandomised and retrospective chart review of 25 patients who were operated for traumatic retinal detachment after close globe injury. The age, time elapsed before the surgery, the functional and anatomical results were evaluated.

Effectiveness / Safety:

Mean age was 49,6±15.20 years. Mean follow up time was 21.36±13.10 months. Occurrence of retinal detachment was a mean of 25.43±27.1 (1-90) days after the blunt trauma in 22 patients, while in 3 patients detachment was seen after 2 years. First operation choice was scleral buckling (SB) alone in 8 patients, pars plana vitrectomy in 9 and a combination of both in 8 patients. Retinal redetachment was seen in 10 patients after the first surgery (2 in SB group, 6 in PPV group, 2 in combination group). Retinal reattachment was achieved in 23 patients (%92) after a mean of 2.04±1.09 (1-4) operation in all group. Preoperative visual acuity was 2.62±0.8 LogMAR Unit, postoperative visual acuity was 1.53±1.0 LogMAR Unit, and the difference was statistically significant. (p:000).

Take home message:

In patients with retinal detachment due to close globe injury, when surgery was performed with proper indication, good anatomical and functional results can be achieved.