Authors: Hülya Güngel, Mumin Hakan Eren, Eylem Yaman Pinarci, Necip Kara, Tanil Gürsel, Istanbul, Turkey


To report an outbreak of fusarium endophthalmitis after uneventful cataract surgery performed on the same day.


A retrospective consecutive case series. Nine patients who had consecutive surgery on the same day and developed acute postoperative fungal endophthalmitis were reviewed. Phacoemulsification procedures, the search for the origin of the infection and cultural studies, the regimen of treatment and clinical responses were evaluated.

Effectiveness / Safety:

The results samples culture were reported as fusarium species in all of the patients. We performed IOL + capsule removal and vitrectomy on our patients within 9-27 days after cataract surgery. No relapses occurred even 6 months after the discontinuation of the antifungals. Evisceration was performed on one of them because of spontaneous perforation of cornea, pain and absence of light perception (LP). The healing process was 21-33 days in the cases without corneal involvement.

Take home message:

This is the first reported outbreak of fusarium endophthalmitis after consecutive phacoemulsification and YÅLOL implantation on the same day.