Pietro Rossi, MD (Genoa, Italy), Carlandrea Trillo, (Genova, Italy)


To evaluate the time and results of intravitreal steroids and ILM peeling in the management of diffuse diabetic macula oedema.


Comparative, interventional open label study. Primary endpoint: reduction in retinal thickness. Secondary endpoint: changes in visual acuity. 25 patients with diabetic diffuse macular oedema were randomly assigned to argon laser grid photocoagulation or intravitreal steroid injection followed by argon laser photocoagulation 30-40 days later, when OCT
showed a reduction in retinal volume. A third group of 10 patients underwent vitrectomy with ILM peeling.


The final mean macular volume and LogMAR visual acuity were compared with initial volume and visual acuity for each group and among the three groups.


Pre-treatment with i.v. steroids seems to allow better anatomical results after argon laser photocoagulation. Stripping of the ILM results in a rapid reduction in macular volume. Visual acuity is strickly related to the initial size of cystic spaces in the macula.