In spite of the availability of good quality wide-angle fundus photography, fundus drawings continue to be highly useful for documenting pertinent features found at the time of fundus examination or as a method of documenting a surgical procedure, highlighting the important facets of an operation. They also serve well as a didactic instrument in the training of retinal specialists. In the age of electronic medical records the need to eliminate paper must include drawings since there is no place to store them anymore short of scanning them, a time-consuming process.


An app for iPad was developed that resembles the drawing methods most retina specialists are well familiar with, allowing the retina specialist to use all the drawing methods he has become used to, and at the same time adding time-saving features that are not possible with fundus drawings made with pencils on paper.


Advantages over the traditional drawing methods done with paper and colored pencils include:

– patient data can be retrieved from a central database together with the date the drawing is made and the name of the examiner can be automatically incorporated into the drawing without having to retype them, expediting the process and eliminating errors.

– whereas a complete drawing can be done just using the virtual pencils and crayons provided, certain commonly used objects such as laser spots, retinal tears, buckles and many more can be picked from a palette, applied to the drawing and then deleted or modified at any time if needed providing more flexible editing options than paper would offer

– the app can be fully integrated into the electronic medical record system used in-house. At the very least the finished drawing can be transferred automatically as a PDF to an existing EMR database without the need of scanning a paper drawing.


The iPad app demonstrated allows the retina specialist to create fundus drawings on a purely electronic basis and have the documentation thus created integrated into his electronic medical records system.


The authors have a financial interest in the app being presented.