Boon-Kwang Loh, Shu-Yen Lee, Sze-Guan Ong, Doric Wong (1Singapore National Eye Centre)


To report visual and anatomical improvement of myopic retinoschisis after surgery with 23 G vitrectomy.


The use of 23G vitrectomy with internal limiting membrane peeling and intraocular gas tamponade allows effective removal of vitreomacular traction and anatomical and visual improvement of eyes with macular retinoschisis. The 23G vitrectomy also offers the advantages of sutureless surgery with better patient comfort and rehabilitation compared to 20 G vitrectomy.

Effectiveness/ Safety:

Seven eyes of 7 patients were analyzed. The patients underwent surgery at the Singapore National Eye Centre from June 2006 to July 2007. There were 5 males and 2 females. Mean follow-up time was 8.3 months. All patients had follow up of at least 6 months. The mean age was 59.5 years. Mean refractive error was -9.9 dioptres with mean axial length of 29.4mm. Mean best corrected visual acuity (BCVA) pre-operation was 6/60 (range of 6/21 to counting finger at 1.5m). The mean central retinal thickness (CRT) pre-operation was 635.3um with presence of foveal detachment in 71.4 % (5/7) of eyes. Post-vitrectomy the mean BCVA improved to 6/19 (range of 6/6 to counting finger at 2.0m) with mean improvement of 5.1 lines of Snellen visual acuity. The BCVA improved in 71.4 %(5/7) of eyes and remained the same in 28.6%(2/7) of eyes. There was a decrease in CRT in all with mean CRT of 156.6um and resolution of foveal detachment in all eyes. Post-operatively there was pr ogression of nuclear sclerotic cataracts (3) and paracentral extrafoveal macular hole (1).