We are going to send video about two cases of surgical management with advanced PVR retinal detachment at the single eyes. The first clinical case is the patient 43 years old with posttraumatic anterior PVR and narrow funnel retinal detachment in subatrophy eye. The patient does have not any previously surgical treatment as long as three month after his injury. The retina was attached completely in during surgical maneuvers and 360-degree retinotomy was performed. The anterior proliferative tissue kept like the iris with pupil. Silicon oil put in the eye. Then two month after operation, we made the revision in this eye. The silicon oil removed and retina carefully inspected. In the some places we were peeled again the epiretinal membrane. The IOL was put inside the eye on the rest of proliferative tissue. The silicon oil filled the eye again. Despite the complex condition of this eye, ultimately we obtain the good visual result as 0,05 in the long postoperative time. The second clinical cases is the patient 26 years old with completely adherent funnel of retina under HD silicon oil. His aphakic eye had four previous surgical interventions include penetrate keratoplasty. The surgery was with shandelier light and we were constantly use bimanual manipulations. The operation looks really difficult and fascinated. The retina was completely peeled from epiretinal membranes and then it was unfolded by PFCL. The silicon oil removed from under retinal space and retina completely attached after 360-degree retinotomy. The eye was filed with silicon oil. In this case, we used retentions sutures for prevention contact between silicon oil and cornea. The examination photos showed the eye in the two month after operation. The retina still completely attached the surface of silicon oil has not contact with cornea. Despite the excellent, anatomical and surgical result the vision still pure and it was counting finger. We are compare these two clinical cases with advanced PVR retinal detachment. We purpose that worse visual function in the second case is the result tokcical effect long stained silicon oil in the subretinal space.

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