Dominik Odrobina, Janusz Michalewski, Zofia Michalewska, Jerzy Nawrocki (Lodz, Poland)


SOCT has important value in analyzing microstructural changes in CSC.


30 eyes with acute CSC (duration less than 6 months) – Group A, and 25 eyes with chronic CSC (duration more than 6 months) – Group B were included in this study.

Effectiveness / Safety:

In Group A we observed: photoreceptor defects – elongation of photoreceptors and minimal RPE-defects. In group B we observed: photoreceptor defects – elongation or destruction of photoreceptors (depending of the duration of CSC) and RPE changes: hypersecretion and destruction of RPE or multiple PEDs. Many of the latter were also found in autofluorescence imaging and fluorescein angiography. In group A the neurosensory detachments were higher than in Group B. Visual acuity was much better in group A than in group B.

Take home message:

In acute CSC present for more than 3 months microstructural changes can be detected. In chronic CSC there is a wide range of microstructural changes that correlate with visual acuity.