A 19 years old female presented with sudden loss of vision in her left eye from last two months, her right eye was blind from last five years. Her vision in left eye was perception of light PL+ and right eye NPL. She was in her third trimester of pregnancy at time of presentation. Examination of her left eye showed megalocornea, deep anterior chamber, irregular pupil, aphakic eye and pupil dilatation was very poor. On fundus examination there was dropped cataractous lens lying on retina, giant retinal tear and retinal dialysis. She underwent encicling buckle and 23 g pars plana vitrectomy, the dislocated lens was cut and aspirated with cutter, vitreous base shaved and complete vitrectomy done and air fluid exchange done. Postoperatively her retina was flat and vision in her left eye improved from PL+ to 6/24. No significant per operative or postoperative complication observed.

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