A Novel Approach for the Management of Macular Detachment Associated with Optic Disc Pit: Temporal Inverted Internal Limiting Membrane Flap Technique and a New Heavy Silicone Oil (Densiron Xtra)



To evaluate the anatomic and functional results of the treatment of macular detachment associated with optic disc pit(ODP), with temporal inverted internal limiting membrane (ILM) flap combined with a new heavy silicone oil (Densiron Xtra) as a internal tamponade.


Seven eyes of 7 patients with macular detachment associated with ODP were included in this study. All patients underwent 23G PPV, posterior hyaloid removal, Brilliant Blue assited ILM peeling in order to create a temporal ILM flap using the Tano diamond dusted scrapper. The ILM flap was peeled until the temporal edge of the optic disk and than was inverted and transplanted to cover the optic disc totally in order to close the optic disc pit. Densiron Xtra was used as a internal tamponade. Postoperatively, patients maintained a supine position without any strict requirments. Anatomic success and functional outcomes determined retrospectively by optical coherence tomography and measurement of best corrected visual acuity (BCVA).


Complete retinal attachment was achieved in all 7 eyes. The resolution of subretinal fluid was very rapid. Interestingly, subretinal fluid was completely resorbed in all 6 eyes at post-op day 1, and in 1 eye post-op day 2. Two lines or more improvement in BCVA was obtained in all 7 eyes and in 4 of these eyes had 20/40 or better BCVA at the final visit. No postoperative complications were observed during the follow-up period either for the inverted temporal ILM technique neither for Densiron Xtra.


Temporal inverted ILM flap technique combined with heavy silicone oil (Densiron Xtra) for macular detachment associated with ODP is a highly effective alternative technique. This procedure achieved very rapid resolution of the submacular fluid with successful anatomical and functional results.



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