Surgery is the common therapy for the macular hole and it usually achieves a good anatomic and a mild functional success. The procedure follows well-defined steps: central and peripheral 23 gauge pars plana vitrectomy, internal limiting membrane removal, air or air+gas (SF6 or CH3F8) or silicon oil tamponade. But the surgeons relating to their experience differently perform every step. While there are many reviews upon internal limiting membrane removal (ILM) or upon the type of tamponade, there is little upon the procedure of ILM removal or in general upon the procedures focused to close the hole intraoperatively. Intraoperative macular hole closure is useful because we can choose a short-term lasting tamponade avoiding the complications linked to the long-term lasting ones. In the present movie we show an effective technical hint in ILM removing and a new technique for macular hole closure intraoperatively. This procedure allowed us to use only air as tamponade and this resulted in a faster functional recover for the patient.