A New Camera for Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP Screening): Real-life Experiences



To describe the real world experince of using a new indeginiously manufactured camera for ROP screening.


A prospective consecutive case series of premature infants with birth weight of 2000gm or less who were screened for Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP)eyes with a new indeginously manufactured camera (3Nethra Neo, Bangalore, India) . The new camera has following specifications: Probe weight excluding cable: 340 grams, Probe weight including cable: 717 grams, weight of the total system: 3800 grams. The specifications of Lens: Contact Lens Diameter: 10 mm, radius of contact surface: 6mm. The image Resolution is 2048 X 2048 – 24 bit colors with a field of view of 120 degrees from the center of the eye. The image compatibilty cosists of: DICOM Export, telemedicine, USB 3.0, Microsoft Windows 7 or advanced. There is a unique internal illumination system using a LED source and a liquid lens-based focusing system. The Color temperaure is warm white with a Lux value of 8500 at contact lens.


Four hundred and twenty five babies were screened for a total of 663 screenings with the new 3Nethra Neo camera. Four eyes had treatment-warranted ROP and received treatment. There were several observations made during the study. The weight of the probe is less when comparing with the competitors probe weight . The focusing is achieved through a liquid lens instead of a motor which makes the probe lighter and eliminates the vibrations thus by increasing the usability. The illumination system is inbuilt inside the probe is achieved using LED’s and wave guide instead of fiber optics since fiber optic illumination system requires an external light source which will be bulky, consumes more power and also requires periodic maintenance. The product is designed to fit inside a trolley suitcase for portability and the weight of the total system including suitcase is 9664 grams. The image quality is comparable to those obtained by conventional RetCam camera.


The new 3Nethra Neo camera for ROP screening gives excellent images , is very light in weight, easy to carry and is very cheap as compared to the existing screening camera in the market. This cheaper camera could be a very useful tool for ROP in developing countries and also will encourage the concept of new-born universal screening.



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