Surgery is the common therapy forĀ  idiopathic epiretinal membranes when the visual acuity is changed and the macular thickness is increasing disturbing the vision quality. The procedure usually follows some steps: (23 gauge; 25 gauge; 27 gauge) Pars Plana Vitrectomy, posterior hyaloid detachment, ERM peeling and ILM peeling with the use of different dyes. Many Surgeons use triamcinolone for the vitrectomy and for the posterior hyaloid detachment, membrane blue (Trypan Blue) for the ERM peeling and brillant peel or ICG for the ILM removal. In the present movie we show a new, effective and safe technique to remove the ERM and the ILM in only one step with the use of MENBRANEBLUE-DUAL. This dye can be useful also to stain and to identify hyaloid schisis and multilayred menbranes. This procedure, allowed us to use only one dye to stain and to treat idiopathic epiretinal membranes and to remove the internal limiting menbrane together in only one step.