Frank Koch


The simulator EYESI is a training tool for ophthalmosurgical procedures. By comparing a real procedure with its simulated counterpart, the value of the simulation is verified.


Simulation and real situation are compared with respect to the realism of tissue behavior, visualisation, handling and configuration of instrumentation and the applicability of real surgical techniques in the simulated setting. Screenshots from a recorded surgery video are confronted with image sequences from a recorded simulator session of the same situation.


The realism of the simulator is sufficiently high to provide the feeling of real surgery. Real world surgical techniques can be applied in the simulation and lead to similar results.


The Simulator EYESI is the ideal tool for the training of vitreoretinal and in particular macular surgery. Surgical skills can be acquired and improved by working in the virtual environment.

Take-home message:

The time is right – try something new for your training efforts.